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Who is Steve?

Hey there! I'm Steve McDougall, but in the tech community, I'm often known as JustSteveKing. I'm a tech enthusiast from the scenic Welsh Valleys who loves diving into the complexities of software engineering, especially PHP and Laravel.

My day-to-day role as a Developer Advocate at Treblle has me exploring the intricacies of REST-based APIs. It's a space where I get to blend my technical skills with my passion for making complex things simple for other engineers and DevOps teams.

But that's just one side of the coin. In the digital realm, I'm also deeply engaged in sharing knowledge and experiences. Whether it's through my writings, my YouTube channel, or speaking at various tech events, I'm all about demystifying technology and empowering fellow developers.

I believe in the power of community and continual learning. For me, it's not just about writing code; it's about connecting, sharing, and growing together. So, join me on this journey of exploration and discovery in the world of tech!

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Discover how API Ops revolutionizes API development, deployment, and management, fostering efficiency, collaboration, and excellence in the digital world.


Making APIs the Right Way

All you need to know about API Versioning. What is it, what types of versioning exist, how are they used and why you might need it?

Steve is one of the most thorough and thoughtful educators I've seen. He puts in a ton of effort and it clearly shows.

Aaron Francis
Developer Educator at PlanetScale

Steve is the teacher you wish you had in school. He’s informative, entertaining, and passionate about what he does. I’m always excited to see more of Steve’s content!

Alex Six
Head of Developer Relations at Filament PHP

To me, there's one word that comes to mind: 'passion'. There are only a handful of people with the same passion for programming as Steve.

Brent Roose
Developer Advocate at jetBrains

Steve is awesome writer and communicator, he can take complex problems and communicate them in a way that anyone can understand.

Eric Barnes
Founder at Laravel News

Steve is highly engaging and an expert in what he does. I bookmark everything he publishes and refer back to it on a regular basis. The API king!

Gary Clark
YouTuber at Gary Clarke Tech

Steve is one of the top API experts in the world and has been teaching our community for years.

Jack Ellis
Co-Founder at Fathom Analytics

Steve has a profound mastery of APIs and a public-serving teaching approach.

Laravel Jutsu
YouTuber at Laravel Jutsu

Steve is a stream of knowledge. If you like clean, strict code and silky APIs, there’s nobody I’d sooner turn to for advice!

Luke Downing
Educator at Laracasts

Steve’s enthusiasm and positive attitude makes his educational content super easy to digest and makes learning new tools and languages really fun.

Sam Carré
Head of Engineering at Plannr CRM

Steve is one of my favourite people. He has a huge passion for teaching developers about APIs and good coding practices.

Stephen Rees-Carter
Friendly Hacker at valorin Security

Steve is an amazing Software Engineer and when it comes to APIs, he's the go-to guy! He has a lot of experience on how to create code that follows the best practices, yet is simple to understand, adapt and extend! That's the best way to create code IMO! Besides that, he loves to share what he knows and he's really good on teaching/mentoring everything related to coding to all types of developers, from totally newbies to veterans in code! Not to mention that he's a fantastic person, friendly, cheerful and always supportive!

Wendell Ariel
Software Architect at TrackStreet

Want to work with me?

I reguarly work with others giving talks, mentoring, and consulting. Feel free to reach out on any of my social channels if you want to work together.

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